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Health Warriors Wellness Program: 
Striving to live our healthiest and strongest lives

Health Warriors encourages a healthy lifestyle that encompasses nutrition, movement and mental health.  A dynamic wellness program, it includes voluntary fitness and meditation sessions onsite as well as helpful tips and recipes.  Fun nutrition and fitness challenges foster a healthier lifestyle and company culture. Visit the lifestyle website and blog that we are a part of at IPW.




IPW was founded in 1996 with the mission to manufacture & market advance technology hard copy imaging supplies, offering high quality economical alternatives to costly OEM supplies.  Complementary experience in engineering, manufacturing, operations, and finance coupled with unwavering commitment to product reliability, IPW grew quickly, gaining some of the largest printer OEMs as customers. Our OEM relationships have helped IPW gain intimate knowledge of laser printing technology, enabling us to continually manufacturer a premier, OEM-like product at the highest reliability.

Our commitment doesn’t just end with our product.  Customer Service is just as important as the product.  We take great pride in servicing our customers, which can mean many things.  When you have a question or concern, we look forward to your call.  If you have any questions regarding your imaging supply needs, we would like to help.

Our focus on community results in keeping our manufacturing in USA to provide jobs.  We are located in a Hub Zone, which are historically underutilized business zone. IPW is involved with The Bridge Project, which is an organization that helps children and youth living in Denver's public housing neighborhoods to achieve their academic potential and graduate from high school with the resources necessary to succeed as adults.


We ask that you give us a call so we can share our story and see if we can help you be more efficient and profitable. 

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